Paid Advertising Management

Google Adwords and More

You may not want to pay for traffic to your site, but hen done correctly, paid advertising can provide a calculated and reliable return on your advertising dollar. We highly recommend a paid campaign to compliment your complete internet marketing campaign.
  • Google Adwords
  • Retargeting
  • Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube
Paid campaigns have a number of benefits;

While a Local SEO campaign could take months before it works, a paid campaign has immediate results. We can launch a campaign today and you could start getting new clients today! It really works that fast.

These campaigns offer precise targeting. We can target exact keywords, at certain times and targeting zip codes. We are able to target certain demographics, location, internet properties, and mobile traffic. We can also advertise directly to people who have already been on your website with retargeting.

Paid campaigns are easy to track and provide a thorough accounting of results. We can drill down to where the click came from, the exact keyword phrase, how long they are on your site and if a phone call was made.

On every campaign we set a budget, either monthly or daily. This means that your campaign is scalable and we can optimize a campaign for your budget. We can compete with national companies, make adjustments for the seasons, or put your campaign on pause if your on vacation!

Give us a call and we can talk about an effective paid ad campaign for your business.